Rodin 4D System

Rodin 4D System

Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing

CAD / CAM System

CAD/CAM system advanced technology that is introduced to the Middle East via Rodin (Bordeaux – France). Almost all the services that we make are now performed with this new technology.

CAD/CAM system has a patient Digitization with a 3D scanner offers a better alternative to conventional plaster molds.It is quickaccurate & painless acquisition of the patient’s form and a 3D correction that can be simulated, measured & reproduced.


How Rodin 4D changed our work

  Before Rodin 4D System

• Casting with plaster took  longer time, not efficient .
• The results were not accurate.
• We repeated more than one time the same hard work
• We lost a lot of valuable  time and materials.
• Sometimes taking measurement  was uncomfortable for patients and us .

After Rodin 4D System

• Scanning , data capture was a matter of minutes.
• Rectification was easy after  Rodin4D  training. The software was our eyes , relieved our brain.
• The milling machine did the muscle work for us.
• The beautiful brace caught the eyes of our patients .

For more information, please visit this link: Rodin 4design Software.

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Practical information

Dekouane, Mount Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 49 49 61
Tel: 961 71 27 52 35

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